Welcome to my shiny new website! I figured I had to update it since I hadn’t touched the old one for a long time, and it was a bit outdated.
This blog will include projects I’m working on, updates on me, and sporadic reviews of Manga, Anime or Games. One of the main areas I need to work on is my use of words – in the sense that me not good at speaking or writing. So this is my attempt at becoming literate!

This week is Half Term, and Harry has spent a good few weeks researching the perfect walking boots to buy, so on Thursday we finally decided to break them in by walking the coast path around Porthgwarra.

If you’ve ever been to Porthgwarra, you’ll know where it is. If you’ve never been to Porthgwarra, it’s in the middle of bloody no where, but that is most certainly part of it’s charm. We decided firstly that we’d just start walking until we got tired (which isn’t essentially all that far…), and walk back. However, once we got started, we just sort of carried on until the Minack Theatre at Porthcurno. 

The weather was perfect(!); it wasn’t too hot and there wasn’t a speck of rain. For most of the walk I actually went coatless. I’m someone who prefers squishy armchairs, hot water bottles and copious amounts of tea, so that should tell you how nice it was.

We made it to the Minack, feeling very pleased with ourselves and were hoping to have a quick peek at the Theatre. For those of you not familiar with Cornwall, the Minack Theatre is an open air theatre, carved into the rocks above the sea at Porthcurno. It’s a beautiful place if you ever get the chance to go.

However, we were reluctant to pay the entry fee when we only wanted a 10 minute peek and somewhere to sit for lunch, so we parked ourselves on a bench outside and looked out at the sea.

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