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Snow and Print

I’ve been doing a printmaking course for the last few weeks and I’m really enjoying it! I initially did it because I wanted to do screen printing, but on the first session they told me that they’d just done it, so it wouldn’t be done again until the summer, which is a shame.

I am unexpectedly really enjoying doing this type of printing though! We’ve been doing etching; heating metal plates up and covering them with wax, drawing into the wax then exposing them to a chemical to burn the metal away. You’re left with a plate that has the grooves burnt in. You then ink it up and pop it through the press – voila!

This week we’ve been working with colour. One method we used was to ink up as usual, then lay pieces of glued tissue paper over the top. When you put it through the press, obviously the tissue paper sticks and you get lovely, bright, funky colours.

The second method is to ink up with blue to start, then layer the different colours over the top to get the effect you want. It’s a bit more experimental, but it produced a lovely muted colour, with a really interesting 3D, gold effect outline.I don’t know which one I like best! Next week we’ll be starting lithography, I believe, using tin foil wrapped around a piece of plastic. Can’t wait – it’s so lovely to have something like this to look forward to every week. Being in a classroom setting and having time set aside every week to explore my creative ideas and learn new techniques is really important for me.


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So today is a snow day in Cornwall. I won’t lie, it was chaos. This morning was fine, blue skies, not a snowflake in sight. Then it hit.

Helston was first, so the people that were going back to Helston had to go home. Eventually, everyone was sent home, and although everyone did a good job, it was a logistical nightmare.

By this point I was starting to worry about getting home myself, and with good reason. It took me an hour to get to Threemilestone, then another hour to get to Camborne. Eventually, I dropped off the people I was with and made my way back to Hayle, spotting about three accidents along the way and feeling thankful that it wasn’t me.

Parking outside my house can be difficult sometimes. We live opposite a hill that we park on, and today it was inaccessible. So I tried the next road over, got halfway up it and slid about 4 metres down the road into another car. It was terrifying! No one was hurt, but I’m a bit shaken up by it.

After that, Harry and I went for a walk in the snow. It was beautiful, but so, so cold. The last time we had snow like this was when I was around 11ish? He had the bright idea of taking a walk around the estuary. (Spoiler: this was not a bright idea. My forehead felt like I’d botox’d it with Liquid Nitrogen.)

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