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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

So, who has Dissidia NT beat yet?!

This game is soooo pretty, especially for die hard fans like myself – seeing Cloud in HD and listening to him speak will never get old, but when you add Zidane, Squall, Kuja and the like, this game is just like a giant geeky nosebleed waiting to happen!

The visuals are just gorgeous, as they are with all Final Fantasy games, and even the characters in recent games who looked pretty perfect before are stunning. The interactions between the characters are just every FF geek’s dream; a bitch match between Shantotto and Ultimecia; jokes that only a player of the majority of FF games will get; even a guest appearance from players not in the main line of games such as Ramza from Tactics and Ace from Type-0 (who I’m desperate to see in a sequel, the lil’ cream puff! But that’s another post…).

I’m at what I assume is the final battle, but then there’s the downloadable content available. I know you get extra characters and items with it, but I haven’t seen anything yet about extra storyline (feel free to correct me). This game is already huge; I haven’t even tried out all the characters yet, and I’ve had it since release.

Unfortunately, as is the way with gamers my age (4 months to thirty!), adulting, quite rudely, takes away valuable gaming time that could be spent levelling up my Y’shtola, so I haven’t had a chance to play it past the final boss yet. I’m looking forwards to what comes next though – I’m so glad they moved this game over from the PSP, it just means that they have so many more possibilities with it. Perhaps they’ll think about moving Tactics and Crisis Core over? Imagine how beautiful that would be!! Oh, or Crystal Chronicles or Chocobo Tales over to the Switch?! Oh, I’m getting carried away getting my own hopes up now!

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