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Final Fantasy XIV

I can’t wait until my money is sorted out so I can continue my Final Fantasy XIV subscription! I got it about three? four? years ago, when my parents wanted to get me a game to take my mind off the fact that my current boyfriend was being mentally abusive. This game really helped me during that period, but because my money situation has been up and down ever since, I haven’t been able to pay it as much attention as I’d have liked.

That said, I did finish A Realm Reborn over a year ago, so I’m more than ready to play Heavensward now! I’m itching to get into Stormblood as well, the locations look awesome!

For those who want to join me (when I do eventually get FF monies!), my username is Dead_Pepper, and my character is Ri’ka Kudo. I’m on Phoenix. 

While I’m at it, add me on PSN! Dead_Pepper. 

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