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Red Dead Redemption

So… Red Dead Redemption. What a game.

Usually, it takes a lot to impress me with games. I’m a Final Fantasy veteran, so anything less than astonishingly pretty character models and environments will fall short of my expectations, and more often than not, the storylines are never good enough to make up for it. This may be me looking at Final Fantasy through rose-tinted glasses, but in my opinion, Final Fantasy will always be the prettiest series of games to play. 

Upon starting up Red Dead though, I was mildly impressed. Not to the point of gazing, drooling at the screen like I am with Final Fantasy a lot of the time, but I liked the detail and ruggedness of the character models. I loved the graphic design and style, and the first environment you come to, although hard to make much out (no spoilers!) looked nice. I thought the gestures and movements of the characters were almost perfectly life-like; they still have a little lack of fluid movement to them that makes them doll-like, but overall, I was pleased. 

Then it came to actually playing the game. 

I have to say, although I look on this game really quite favourably, the controls are utter bollocks. For someone like me, who inverts the axis on the cameras on every game, this isn’t an option. I could hardly move. I couldn’t see in front of me to walk, shoot or anything. I think this aspect of the game lets it down.

Enter Arthur Morgan. Oh my god, what a lovable rogue! 

I immediately liked Arthur. Perhaps it’s growing up in Cornwall, where a good portion of older men were either (or still are) fishermen, or miners. They have a brusque, gruff mindset down here, which I think endeared Arthur to me more than I expected. He reminded me of someone my dad would be friends with.

The amount of character background in this game is awesome. The introduction of one of my favourites, Sadie Adler, right at the beginning meant that by the end of the game, you have an idea of the struggles she’s had, and you admire her for how she’s turned out.

This is a huge game. Even when you’ve played a straight six hour session, and you think you’ve made a good chunk of progress, you check the story menu and you’ve progressed about 1 percent. It’s a mammoth of a game, with all the side quests and missions on top of that. You definitely get your money’s worth out of this game, which is something a lot of recent games lack. 

(Thinking of none in particular *cough*FALLOUT*cough*)

Overall, I do really like this game. The storyline, the feeling you have for the characters (the pure hatred for the main antagonist!!), the control you have over the plot and the various aspects of your daily camp life… 

This game gave me a lot of emotions, and I think that is the sign of a very successful game, whether you can shoot straight or not. (Or whether your boyfriend spends the next month talking like a cowboy and singing Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive non-stop.)

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Sadie adler red dead redemption gamer girl gaming playstation

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