Self portrait

A Cornish girl born and bred and an avid tea lover, I am a fan of all things creative. Drawing has always been what I do, it’s what I did in GCSE Biology and it’s what I do now. I like to think I’m pretty down to earth, but it’s never very hard to catch me daydreaming. I live in lovely Cornwall with my partner and our little Green Cheek Conure, Tanpopo.

Currently, I’m enjoying work as a Digital Creative Assistant, which is a mix of digital marketing, creativity and technicality. I am also a huge manga enthusiast and regularly read over three different series a week. I am a gamer; Final Fantasy is one of the loves of my life and has influenced my career path ever since I played Final Fantasy 7 in 1997.

I am very much open to working with others on creative projects; my current goal is to increase my social media presence. I’m practicing my photography as well; I’m always keen to increase my skill set and learn new things.

About moonlil.com

Moonlil.com started when I graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2010. I needed a portfolio website, and having done a Foundation Degree in Multimedia Design, I found it easy to build one. Since then, I've moved to WordPress, and although I'd like to do more with this site creatively, life just likes to get in my way! The name Moonlil comes from the manga 'Angel Sanctuary', in which there is a character that goes by the name Moonlil. The reason she was so called was that she was a 'flower that does its own thing'. Moonlilies are sometimes known in fantasy for blooming only at night. I love the concept of doing things a bit differently to everyone else, as I've always felt (intentionally or not), that I identify with that kind of thinking!